Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Jr and his new look

Little Jr. surprised us when Michie asked him if she can cut his hair and he said YES!

BEFORE with Big Jr. and Michie

Michie started cutting Big Jr.'s hair, now is Little Jr. I may be the next one lol!

Connie (mom),Little Jr. and Ramiro (dad)

Before his haircut with his parents.


A very handsome boy with or without long hair!

Happy 4th of July!

Michie and Big Jr. invited all the family for 4th of July.

Grandma and Sophia

Diana and Jennifer


Here you can see Guero and Huguito my brothers kids. (oh and Bubbles aka La Chola!)

Mom and Vico

Me,Chulo,Claudia and Isabella

Gaby, Miro, and Sara

Little Jr and Isaiah

Jr. and Michie did a good job hosting 4th of July, we ate from hamburgers to beans and rise lots of food! Good Job Michie and Jr.!

Love Grows Here

Just wanted to share my two signs that I bought.

The little welcome sign Michie my oldest daughter told me no one will be able to see it but I think I can, can you? (jijijiji You see Michie we can see it).

I really, really liked this sign... I wasn't even at home when it broke! yes it did! It took me like a week to put it back lol! But now it looks new again lol!

Fluffy got a haircut

I came after work and I saw Little Ms Flufy with a new haircut.

Jennifer decided Fluffy needed that so she went ahead and cut her hair!

Fluffy as you know is a mixed chihuahua and she's 6yrs old she'll be 7 on November 11th, Jennifer rescued her from the pound and she's being with her since 2005.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowers,flowers, flowers


Today after work I came and water the flowers


After that I saw it was time to take out the "bad" plants... So I did and...

Don't they look beautiful!

Let me tell you what happened in the middle of cleaning the flowers...Jr. saw me cleaning the front yard so he went to the back and started "cleaning" meaning cutting the fruit trees (avocado, fig and lemon).... YES cutting! well I had five avocados on my tree only one was saved after Jr. was done "cleaning" the yard. lol! :)




It looks good after all ;p

I love it!

Chely :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Pa!

My Dad's Rose Bush
Well tomorrow is Father's Day... If you have your father in your life you are a very lucky person so you need to spoil him and give him a big hug, I really wish my dad was here with us but is being 7 years since he passed away and I still miss him.
He liked roses a lot so we (Michie, Jennifer ,Jr and myself) bought this rose bush when we moved... we see it as my dad's little place.

Today we went to the store and I found some frogs, I remembered how my dad used to put all this little decoration around his plants like little soldiers, plastic animals and even toys from the grandchildren!

I think it looks kind of lonely and sad... On my way to the store... Found some stones and I think it will look better.

A lot better!
What do you think?

I enjoyed fixing my "Dad's Little Place" Is like he was here with us...

Happy Father's Day Pa!